Little Silver Couple Rides Against Cancer

Michael Grant is going to be away from his business, Collex Collision Experts in Shrewsbury, for a while. He’ll be gone for a little over 50 days, but this is no vacation. He is joining up with eight other cyclists to embark on a 3,400-mile bike ride to raise funds for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF).

The cause is dear to his heart. His wife, Carmen Phaneuf, has been battling multiple myeloma for 14 years. Carmen had no symptoms and was diagnosed while taking routine blood tests when she was pregnant with their daughter, Rachel. Multiple myeloma is an incurable but treatable type of blood cancer. It has one of the lowest relative five-year survival rates of any form of cancer. Over the years, she has undergone many treatments, from chemotherapy to stem cell transplants, and endured countless tests and biopsies. Some days are better than others, but Carmen is a fighter. In fact, she will be riding the first 546 miles with her husband.

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