Paul Gater Patient

Paul Gater, 64 years old, lives in Half Moon Bay, California.

I’ve participated in most of the MMRF 5k walks in San Francisco since my diagnosis in early 2014. This year I wanted a bigger fundraising challenge. Road To Victories is a great choice as I cycle regularly and wanted to take on a multi-day ride. The last time I did anything like this was many years ago when I rode around the Big Island of Hawaii. I’m lucky to be able to ride next to the Pacific Ocean on training rides from my house although there are some tough hills! I’m looking forward to riding with the team on the roads of Maine and to raising money for the great work done by MMRF for myeloma patients like me.

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The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) is the largest nonprofit in the world solely focused on accelerating a cure for each and every multiple myeloma patient. We drive the development and delivery of next-generation therapies, leverage data to identify optimal and more personalized treatment approaches, and empower myeloma patients and the broader community with information and resources to extend their lives. Central to our mission is our commitment to advancing health equity so that all myeloma patients can benefit from the scientific and clinical advances we pursue. Since our inception, the MMRF has committed over $500 million for research, opened nearly 100 clinical trials, and helped bring 15+ FDA-approved therapies to market, which have tripled the life expectancy of myeloma patients. To learn more, visit

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