Paul Gater Patient

When were you first diagnosed with multiple myeloma? 

 Just over 10 years ago… February 2014

How has it affected you, physically?  

I had two broken ribs and 2 fractures in my back when I was diagnosed.   They caused a lot of pain making it difficult to walk – I needed ghe support of  2 walking sticks to get as far as the mailbox.  I was unable to work and went on short-term disability to concentrate on treatment and recovery.  I was not able to ride my bike for several months.  I got back into cycling by using an indoor trainer – very boring!  It was about 6 months before I felt strong enough to go on a short road ride.

How did you get involved in with the MMRF?  

I joined the MMRF 5k walk/run in San Francisco for the first time several years ago.  Then I heard about Road to Victories and joined the team for the ride in Maine in 2022.

What do you want people to know about multiple myeloma?  

It’s a serious cancer that affects the lives of thousands of people in the US.  It can be quite treatable for some patients (like me) who can go on to live relatively normal lives.  But there’s no cure and some patients have quite poor quality of life if they relapse frequently.  We need more research to understand the disease and how treatment can be personalized so everyone has the chance to live as normally as possible.

Why is participating in the MMRF Road to Victories ride important to you?  

It’s a way to mark 10 years of living with myeloma and to realize awareness of the disease.  The R2V team has great people and a wonderful feeling that we’re doing something that has tremendous impact for the myeloma community. 

What are you looking most forward to/excited about in regard to the ride?  

I live in the San Francisco Bay area so relatively ‘local’ for this ride.  But I haven’t ridden most of the routes we’re taking so I’m looking forward to some new roads.  It will be great to reconnect with some old friends from the Maine ride and to meet new friends.

What does your training regimen for this event look like?  

We’re about 8 weeks from the ride as I write this.  I’m retired so free time shouldn’t be an issue for training.  But I’m also on treatment for myeloma. It’s an infusion every 2 weeks that makes me feel quite tired for a couple of days and not interested in riding. I try to get out 3 times a week for rides of between 20 and 30 miles.  I will push a couple of these rides out to more like 40 miles in the next 2 weeks.

Describe any challenges you have needed to overcome to be able to participate in this event.  

The main challenge is getting some training around treatments and clinic appointments.

Who/what inspires you?  

Other myeloma patients.  Their stories and resilience will be motivating me on the hills during our ride!

Have you participated in previous MMRF events? If so, which/when?  

Yes, several 5k walks in San Francisco and R2V in Maine in 2022.  I co-captained the team from the San Francisco Bay Area multiple myeloma support group at the 5k walk in 2023.

Anything additional to add?  

Thanks to everyone at MMRF, Backroads and J&J for making R2V happen!

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